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Instructions for use of MINI WIRELESS CAMERA


built-in rechargeable lithium battery, the first time you use this machine, please charge it, it can be charged as follows: 1 connect a computer load, the use of USB connection with the computer
2 are charged during recording, video can also be charged (a 5v external USB charger or mobile power)
3.Charge when the red light flashing, the blue light is not bright, full of electricity for a long time, the bright blue light is not lit red, the red light after a long time bright, please charge more than 30 minutes to ensure that the battery is fully full)

One line and three functions: USB cable TV line is combined into one line, which has the following three functions
1 Can be connected to a computer to upload and transmit data.
2 Can be inserted into the TV OUT screen.
3. The DV-5V charger can be connected to external video recording.

720p video does not flicker: press the ON / OFF button to turn on, turn on the blue light and long press the standby mode, click the switch button, the blue light flashes 3 times, the light turns off and enter the 720p video, the video progress light is not indicated, and segment A is automatically saved 5 minute video clips, loop coverage, click the switch button again to stop the video and return to the light blue and long standby blue light.

1080p video does not flicker: start the blue light for a long time in standby mode, press the mode button once, long red and blue lights on for 1080p video mode, click the button of machine switch once more, the blue light of the red light will flash three times in the long power off at the same time, in 1080p video, the lamp video process is not fast, a segmented automatically saves sequences of 5-minute video, circulation coverage, then click the key switch machine 1 time to stop the video, to return to standby.

Photo 12 million: in standby mode, press the mode button for 2 times the long red light, the bright blue light is not bright), click the power button again, the red light will flash, 1 photo 1, 12 million pixels (4032 x 3024) saved automatically.

Infrared lamp open closed:
open: start any standby mode, press and hold the ON / OFF button for 2 seconds or so under flashing red light, infrared night vision open lamp, you can watch the video.
Close: infrared night vision light, no standby mode, press and hold the ON / OFF button for about 2 seconds, the red light flashes 3, turn off the infrared night vision function.

Recording while charging: insert a TF card once, connect a USB-TV cable, external USB 5v power supply or power bank (mobile power) directly into 720p video mode, there is no power supply in the card without manually stopping recording, it is also possible to manually stop video and switch to any mode.

TV OUT mode: connect USB - TV lines, boot after the TV video can see through the TV screen image, now you can take photos and videos, motion detection.

Reset: the machine hangs, the buttons, normal use can not be used, you can use the insert tip-shaped object to reset the hole buttons, click to reset the machine, and can be used normally after the reset.

Power off: in the stop function mode (video, pictures, motion detection), the need to turn off, long press the. / OFF for about 6 seconds, see the red and blue lights off to turn it off. In standby mode without using any of the functions, wait for automatic shutdown of 1 minute.

At your own time to modify the settings:
After the machine automatically boots into the TF kagan directory to create TXT text documents (in the picture), turn off to connect the computer with a USB data cable, it opens to the removable disk TIMEREST. TXT text document, edit your need time, such as the format (20160804174726 minutes) when (date) (month) (year) And save the text file, after the boot recording video, the above video file will show the editor. It does not need to watermark it is also the same way, when there are the letters Y and N at the end of the main difference. The reference format is as follows:
1: 20150608192526 Y (sample watermark has time
2: 20150608192526 N (I don't have time to show the watermark)
(1) Be sure to confirm that the product has been inserted into the T - FLASH (MICRO SD card. In the absence of the card, the la red and blue flashing twice on the machine cannot be used normally.
(2) in the environment, adequate lighting, place the camera on the subject and be subject to keep a distance of more than 50cm, this will be correct, the color is natural, the landscape is clear, the stability of images.

Connect to the computer:
It can be directly connected to the computer in the startup, standby and shutdown states, and can be used as a USB flash drive after connecting to the computer, free file copy, cut and paste, delete and format the USB flash drive. After a few seconds, the machine can be connected to the computer's USB port, and the computer will display a removable disk logo. Blue light indicates that the USB device can be used for data transmission.
1 After the machine is connected to the computer, if the computer cannot recognize it or the removable disk still does not eject within 30 seconds, restart it and connect it again.
2 It is recommended to directly use a TF card reader to read the video file for playback, and directly play it through the USB connection to save the video file to the built-in memory of the machine. It may be because the amount of data is too large, streaming cannot keep up, and playback is not smooth.